Farmers’ Market Fun

The best part of my Tuesday evening runs (at least from June to October) is that they end here:

A crossroads…

Which means they also end here:

A shiny beacon of eco-friendly consumerism.

I love me a good Farmers’ Market!  The best parts about this one are that the hours accommodate my work schedule and it’s within walking distance of my humble abode :).  This summer I haven’t been able to frequent the West End Farmers’ Market nearly as much as I would like but last night I made it my business to arrive before the merchants packed up for the night.

The usual suspects were in attendance – hartford baking co. and Rose’s Berry Farm among them – but I made a bee-line for my favorite market vendors, Sweet Acre Farm.

Sweet? Indeed 🙂

Sweet Acre Farm is my fave not only because Jonathan and Charlotte (Sweet Acre’s super adorable husband/wife farmin’ team) keep the Farm organic and pesticide free…

Evidence. That’s Jonathan, by the way.

…but also because they have excellent aesthetics.  Nature does its fair share to make the produce look amazing but boy do these farmers know how to market (yes, you may chuckle, that was a pun):

Best.  Tomatoes.  Ever.



I just LOVE the chalk signs, don’t you?

I love garlic (especially when it’s organic). I probably eat enough garlic to ward off a joint attack from Dracula and Nosferatu…

Don’t they do an amazing job with the presentation?  Makes me want to buy it all…but, alas, I am a single gal on a budget and, as much as I love my veggies, there’s only so much one girl can eat – unless she has wink-y dinner guests, that is :).  So, exercising massive amounts of willpower, I restricted myself to some of those glorious Sungolds…

You have not tasted a tomato until you have tasted a farm fresh tomato.

…and these incredibly photogenic beets.

Love the color combo.

In fact, the beets looked so luscious sitting there on my counter…

Look at this attractive little guy. Doesn’t he just scream “eat me?”

…that I had to sample one right away.

Realize that, when cutting up beets, your kitchen will look like a murder scene.

Call me crazy, but I love raw beets.  Also, those tomatoes were just too good to resist (note: only about half the pint actually survived the 5 minute walk from the Farmers’ Market back to my kitchen, the other half was sacrificed to my grumbling post-run belly).  So, what did I do?  What else do you do with a bounty of fresh and wonderous veggies?  Why, make a salad, of course!

Nutritious and Delicious!

Iceberg, romaine, baby arugula, cucumber (from my aunt’s garden), red onion, and the above profiled beet and tomatoes = the perfect late-night summertime dinner :).  Thank you very much, Jonathan and Charlotte, for providing such delicious produce!  Your green thumbs are matched only by your bangin’ presentation.  You have in me a very happy customer :).

Do you have a favorite vendor at your local Farmers’ Market?

Anyone got any suggestions for what I can do with the rest of the beets?  I’m thinkin’ pickling ’em or maybe even going the sweet route – beet cake, anyone?

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8 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market Fun

  1. Jennifer

    Those tomatoes look amazing! I love a good farmers market. I will have to check out Sweet Acre Farm!

    • I know, Farmers’ Markets are great! In the summertime I hardly ever buy produce at the grocery store – everything tastes so much better when it’s grown locally :).

  2. Mom

    No question…have to go the sweet route with the beets…

  3. tara

    I wonder if there’s a good beet muffin recipe?! You have a way with muffins… 😉

  4. I roast my beets then slice them and stick ’em in the oven a bit with some chevre, then drizzle with a little honey, sea salt and pepper. mmm. I can’t be more creative because I love them so much like that! But I’ve also made beet challah, which was fun because it’s so darn pink!

    • I adore roasted vegetables too! I like the sounds of the beets with honey and chevre but the beet challah intrigues me! Might you share the recipe with me? I can’t promise I’ll be bold enough to make it (you know my aversion to yeast) but I’m tempted to give it a try… 🙂

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