Two Cents Tuesday: Wake-Up Call

I’m sorry, dear readers.  I’ve been MIA lately.  My absence has been due to a combination of this…

Thank you, Sarah!


You’re getting jealous, aren’t you?

…and this.

I’d say I’m the least attractive one in this photo…wouldn’t you agree?

This past weekend was my gals’ and my annual Girl’s Weekend.  A beach, copious amounts of alcohol, and excellent company are all we need to have a good time.  This year, seeing as we were in P-Town, a few drag queens were icing on our proverbial cake.

While yum-tastic snackies were also an essential part of our time together – as is typical of any Girls’ Weekend – you’ll have to wait until tomorrow’s WIAW post for specifics because today it’s time for Two Cents Tuesday!

TCT#3: How do you recover from too much fun?

Typical of any Girls’ Weekend, this year’s was too much fun for its my own good.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t trade the amazing time I had for anything but it only makes it that much harder to get back to reality.

How do I wake up at 6:00am when I’ve been able to sleep in for the past four days?  How do I haul my tush into an office building when I’ve been relaxing on the beach?  How do I go back to salad and cottage cheese when I’ve been feasting on lobstah and smores made with home-made marshmallows (thank you to the Domestic Goddess herself)?

I know time will help dull the pain of transition as will jumping feet first back into my routine but I’m thinking that I also may need a good slap in the face from a trusted friend or family member.

While I review applications for those wanting to slap some sense into me and as I try to get back to life, back to reality…

One of those songs that gets stuck in your head.

…I will turn things over to you: How do you recover from too much fun?

What are your two cents?

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2 thoughts on “Two Cents Tuesday: Wake-Up Call

  1. Mom

    I don’t ever recover from too much fun ’cause that’s no fun at all!

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