I’ve got a secret…

I am super dupes excited, you guys! 

I bet you can’t guess why…

It’s not because today is another edition of What I Ate Wednesday

…though that is reason enough for excitement, in and of itself.

It’s not because when I was a house guest this past weekend I discovered some of the most glorious peanut butter ever lurking in the back of one of my host’s kitchen cabinets.

Yum-tastic peanut butter + cutie patooter plate + mini spatula = Happy Michelle.

Though this was particularly pleasing because when you are a house guest you can’t always rely on your host having exactly what you enjoy most in the world just hanging out in the back of one of their cabinets.

It’s not because when getting my fix of refined sugar for the day…

I’m loving this retro-fied Instagram treatment…along with the equally retro-fied design of the Stop & Shop marshmallow bag.

…I noticed this on the back of the bag:


Not like this is something I’ve ever had cause to be concerned about.

Um. Hello. I didn’t hear you coming. Yeah. Want one?

It’s not because I enjoyed the same exact lunch that I’ve had every single work day for the past three years…

I don’t think I could ever be vegan cause dairy products are sorta like God’s gift…to me.

…though there is comfort in consistency.

And it’s not because I just discovered how delicious cottage cheese is when doused in cinnamon and eaten straight from the carton.

I know I’m late to the “Cinnamon on Cottage Cheese” Party. I like to think I’m fashionably late. Just look at that spoon for evidence – that spoon is fashionable.

No, dear readers, none of the items listed above is why I am so flippin’ excited.  Rather, I am elated over what I made for dinner last night.  In fact, I was so darn impressed with my skillz that I literally gave myself a little pat on the back after tasting my creation.  I even interrupted a text-versation I was having with a friend of mine – while simultaneously creating my masterpiece – to text-claim “O.M.G.  I am good!  This stuff is awesome!”

I bet you’re all waiting out there in cyberspace, glued to your desktops with bated breath, on tenterhooks for the revelation of my succulent stroke of culinary genius!

Well…this is where the secret mentioned in the title of this post comes in.  Call me an evil genius…

You get a prize if you know who this is.

…because I am going to make you all wait until tomorrow to find out what’s got me so pepped up.  However, I am not entirely insensitive, I will give you one hint as to the gloriousness that is coming your way:

Little ball of sunshine.

So, tune in tomorrow, ladies and gents.  Same time, same place.  Your taste buds will rejoice.  🙂

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6 thoughts on “I’ve got a secret…

  1. Hahahaha,that note on the marshmallow bag is so hiliarious! 😀 Totally made me laugh,thanks girly!
    P.S. A little ball of sunshine = a litle yellow tomato?! I LOVE THOSE!

    • Have you ever played Chubby Bunny (where you shove as many marshmallows as you can in your mouth at one time)? I guess they had to put that warning there for some reason… 🙂 Also, the “ball of sunshine” is not a miniature tomato – you’ll just have to check my post tomorrow to see what it really is!

  2. for some reason I had a feeling you weren’t going to be sharing this amazing dinner recipe with us until tomorrow, haha 🙂

  3. You sure do make those marshmallows look darn yummy! 😉 I agree cottage cheese and cinnamon is yum.

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