Poppin’ the Question

What question, pray tell, might that be?

“Do you prefer Margaret or ‘Satan’s Mistress?'” LOL.

Why, “What did I eat Wednesday Engagement Party?”, you sillies, that’s what ;).

Guys and gals, this party was so bangin’ that I just had to make it the topic of this weeks WIAW!  It was held in the backyard of the Bride-to-Be’s parent’s house but don’t be thinkin’ it was a backyard BBQ or anything like that.  No, the best way to describe this shin-dig is “Just so.”  The attention to detail was superb and the food was delicious.  It was apparent the amount of thought that went behind each and every component. 

From the signature pink margaritas served in lidded mason jars…

The jars were pretty but there was a whole lotta condensation going on, hence the napkins.

…with super cute twisty straws…

Actually, we stole those from the kids table. The adults had classy stripped paper straws…but, you all know me, I’m much more “twisty” than I am “classy.”

…to the awesome Taco Pacifico food truck…

Someone else’s photo cause I was a bad blogger and forgot to take one of the truck.

…that offered simply scrumptious tacos, quesadillas, and burritos…

The remnants of our pork tacos. Those babies were a revelation of mexican deliciousness.

…to the unforgettable desserts…

Tart and Tangy Lemon Squares.

…of which I remembered…

Refreshing melt-in-your-mouth Key Lime Pie Bars.

…to take lots of photos…

Super decadent Oreo Truffles.

…of course – we do all remember that sweet tooth I’ve got, right? – …

Look how rich that is – million dollar chocolate bomb.

…this party was a true celebration.  The happy couple sure has started off their personal wedding season with a bang and it seems lots more good things are to come.  🙂

“Just so.” Right?

Been to any good parties lately?

What did you eat Wednesday?

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8 thoughts on “Poppin’ the Question

  1. I LOVE food trucks, that’s too awesome someone can get one to their engagement party. I can only imagine what they will have for their wedding hahaha.

    I did went to a wedding that serves pinksberry icecream, haha! Thanks for sharing, happy WIAW! 🙂

    • Happy WIAW! I know, I thought the food truck was a great idea! And I think it would be pretty cost effective too – cheaper than a plated dinner that’s for sure…and tastier ;).

  2. Mom

    Forget the tacos and let me have a go at those scrumptious lemon bars!

  3. The desserts look yummy yummy yummy! Jealous 😉

  4. i don’t know what looks better, the tacos or desserts!!! so overly jealous of it all!

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