Feelin’ Peevish

We all have ’em.  Those little annoying things that will niggle at you every time you encounter them.  The seemingly insignificant frustrations that, without fail, just get your goat.

Yup, I’m talking about pet peeves. 

**I must digress for a moment.  Did you ever stop to think about the etymology of that phrase?  Why are we giving pets a bad name?  I had a pet hamster once.  Her name was Carla Byrd. 

Meet Carla.

She did not peeve me.  Well, except for when she ran so exuberantly in her wheel that she made her whole cage shake.  At 3 o’clock in the morning.  For two months straight.  But, alas, her running got the better of her and she gave herself a heart attack.  Let us all learn a lesson about obsessive exercise from poor Carla Byrd.

Anywho, as you now will know – if you clicked on the “etymology” link above – the “pet” portion of the phrase springs from “petty” and in no way references our furry domesticated friends.**

Part of what is inherent to pet peeves is that we each have our own – what bothers one person may not bother another.  I have a problem with people leaving dirty dishes next to the sink rather that in it but, from run-ins with roommates, I know that this doesn’t necessarily bother everyone.  To each person, his/her own pet peeve…I suppose.

Sure, I don’t like the whole dishes-next-to-the-sink thing and I have an issue with when people pronounce “idea” as “idear” – come on, can you read?, do you have eyes?, there’s no “r” anywhere in that word! – but I realized just the other day that the pet peeves that really set my blood to boil…


This is my “Momma Gonna Knock You Out” face. I’m not a violent person…unless you peeve me.


…all have something to do with running.  Maybe it’s cause I spend so much time running but there’s really nothing that annoys me more than the following – these are my “Meesh-is-on-the-warpath” pet peeves:

1.  I can’t stand when I’m running on the road – particularly narrow, twisting rural roads – and cars come zooming past me like they’re on lap 82 of the Indy 500.  Come on, people!  Slow down!  Do you really want “involuntary manslaughter” to appear on your permanent record?!?!  Have some consideration for us pedestrians!  Do you even know how fast 40 miles an hour feels to someone who is not in the car?!?!  No, you probably don’t.  But still! 


2.  I also cannot abide other pedestrians walking too slowly in pedestrian-congested areas and/or taking up the entire sidewalk.  Granted this happened more when I lived in a tourist city but it still does happen on occasion and it makes me want to scream: “Get your ass*ss out of my way!  I am clearly on a mission here, people!  Can’t you see I’m trying to improve my physical conditioning while you are lazing your way down the road talking on your cell phone and scarfing a bag of Fritos?!?!

Get outta my way!!!

Well, gosh.  I feel better.  It helped to get that all outta my system.  I should be good for a while now…until one of the above happens on my next run…

What are your pet peeves?

Do you have any extreme annoyances when it comes to exercising?

If you’re a runner, can you relate to the above?

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4 thoughts on “Feelin’ Peevish

  1. Gal A

    I hate it when people say the “e” at the end of “the” when it is in front of a vowel word as a hard “e.” It’s theeeeeeee Ice Truck killer, not THE ice truck killer Deb from Dexter arrrggg!!!

  2. I agree on dishes next to the sink instead of IN the sink. It’s not so hard! Also, unloading the dishwasher and leaving the dishes on the counter. If you’re going to go to the trouble of unloading it, put them AWAY!
    Shopping carts at TJMaxx. Oftentimes these are very necessary, like if you’re buying a stack of dishes, several boxes of notecards, or like a large lamp, but usually people block the aisle with a cart that ultimately holds one shirt. You can’t carry that? You have to prevent me from shopping by blocking the entire aisle so you don’t have to hold one shirt? Elderly people and people with small children stashed in their cart are exceptions, of course. And of course, I find shopping carts so irritating that I generally won’t even get one at the grocery store: if it doesn’t fit in my basket, I don’t need it.
    And related, why can’t TJM get shopping baskets?
    Also related, you know how the check out lines of TJM are full of goodies to browse? I can’t stand it when people are browsing the goodies way down at the start of the line, and I pass them because I’m simply waiting for a register, and they get all mad that I cut in line. What? You’re still shopping! There is a register open and I just want to pay for my stuff and go home! Chances are I’ll be in my car and you’ll still be looking at paper plates.
    I was just at TJM for 30 frustrating minutes yesterday, can you tell? 😉 but I still love that store!

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