Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

I know it’s cliché but it’s totally true.

Just one week ago today, I was all sad because I couldn’t post on Foodie Pen Pals reveal day.  Well, that was sadness wasted, my friends, because my package has arrived and what it contains is simply gloriousLorna really outdid herself :).

I mean, check out this loot…

Sweet schwag.

…pretty awesome, hmm?

I’m excited for each and every item!  These Trader Joe’s Seaweed Snacks are already a staple in my pantry (Annie Chun’s version is equally delicious).

Bad name. Yummy taste.

Deliciously salty with an initial crunchiness that morphs into melt-in-your-mouth-i-ness – oh yeah, these are where it’s at when it comes to satisfying a snack attack :).

Continuing with the snickity snacks, I am completely enthralled with these dill pickle flavored sunflower seeds.

“It’s the best tastin’ pickle I ever heard!”

Dill pickle flavored anything is usually a safe bet when it comes to making my taste-buds do a happy dance and these little gems do not disappoint!

I can’t wait to crack open this box of Risotto and I already have plans for that can of green chile.

Don’t know how good these would taste together but they certainly make a photogenic couple, dontcha think?

I think I may be most excited, though, for the wonderful collection of spices I received – curry and chili…

I LOVE me some curry…mmmMMMmmm.

…PINK salt and boquet garni…

I’m a fan of the pink and green color combo going on here…

…all from one of Lorna’s favorite spice shops – these are just begging for some recipe brainstorming! 

I also cannot wait to use this South African Smoke Seasoning Blend from TJ’s. 

What an innocent looking grinder. This photo gives no hint to this blend’s punch-you-in-the-face-with-smoky-delight aroma.

O.M.G.  The smell of this stuff is just beyond!  I haven’t been able to stop sniffing it since I cracked it open.  It’s like a drug.  Can you be addicted to the fragrance of smoky deliciousness?

Finally, Lorna must have read a few of my past posts before sending this package because look what else I received:

Peach flavored crack.

Yes, please.  These babies satisfy even the biggest (read: my) sweet tooth.  Lorna said in her note that she included these because “who doesn’t love peach rings?”  Indeed, Lorna, who doesn’t?  If anyone out there knows of such an anomaly, gimme a call, I’ll slap some sense into them cause peach rings = awesome.

Lorna did an amazing job putting together this perfect package even though it includes none of what I claimed I would want in my dream Foodie Pen Pal package.  The only obvious explanation for why I love this collection of foodie goodies so much?  Lorna must know me better than I know myself…or she’s clairvoyant :).

Look at the card she sent. Yup. She’s clairvoyant.

What’s been the BEST thing you’ve had to WAIT for?

Has someone else ever surprised you by giving you something you didn’t even know you wanted…until you got it?

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