Goodbye Sweet Friend

I’m doin’ it.  I’m saying farewell to a constant companion.  A companion that has provided succor in times of need but that I know deep down is not good for me.  Of what companion do I speak?


Yes, my dears, I’m giving up sugar.  I’m bidding adieu to sweet, saccharine splendor.  Saying sayonara to delectable, comestible confections.  Kickin’ candy to the curb.

At least this is my plan.  How successful I will be remains to be seen, but I have high hopes.  According to WIAW, this is the time to “fall” into good habits – no better time than the present – so here I go.

Of course, I have known for quite sometime how bad refined sugar is for overall health but this hasn’t stopped me from satisfying my insatiable sweet tooth on a daily basis.  To be fair, because I live a relatively healthy lifestyle, I don’t have to worry that my sugar consumption is gonna end up killing me tomorrow but I could probably benefit from a reduction.  Therefore, I will focus on cutting out the overt culprits – candy, frosting, maybe even the occasional pint of Arctic Zero – but not stress too much about hidden sources – salad dressing/condiments, yogurt…ahem…wine. 

So, goodbye, Gummies.

Okay, I can do this…

Cheerio, Caramels.

Gah! This is hard…

May we one day meet again, Marshmallows.

What the h*ll am I thinking?!?!?!?!

I can’t promise that I won’t fall off the wagon – that I won’t heed the siren song of sweet temptation every once in a while – but this post marks an end to my daily 11:00am raid of the candy dish.  Instead, I will reach for these…

Okay, I admit, these do have added sugar but I think this qualifies as one of those “hidden sources”…no?

…and these…

I’d eat these even if I wasn’t using them as a candy substitute.

…and bask in the antioxidants and fiber that they provide.  Candy cannot compete.  But, man, it sure does taste good…  Deep breaths…  I will stay strong.  🙂

Have you ever tried to give up a food you crave?

What did you eat Wednesday?

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5 thoughts on “Goodbye Sweet Friend

  1. Laura

    Good for you!! I have given up sugar many times… and always end up adding it back in small portions, but will continue giving it up! It’s amazing how much sugar the average American consumes. You can do it!

  2. Good luck! I always try to give up candy but by day 2 my family and friends are BEGGING me to eat some..I guess the withdrawls turn me into a grump. I’m sure you’ll tackle it though!

    • I’m hoping that I get enough “hidden” sugar to keep the withdrawal symptoms to a minimum :). I have to say, those dates and cranberries are pretty durn satisfying so far. The hard part will come when I’m confronted with candy corn and leftover Halloween candy!

  3. Mom

    You can do it! You can do it! Withdrawal symptoms can be the worst…so prepare yourself! Remember when I gave up coffee for Lent?

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