Taking a Break

I’m sorry, my darling readers, it’s been ages (well, at least it seems like ages) since my last post.  I’ve been spending a lot of time here…

Messy desk = creative mind?

…and here…

My second job – I moonlight as a crafter of fine paper products.

…and blogging has had to take a temporary back seat. 

This past Sunday, though, I was sick and tired of all forms of work and I needed a break.  It was a beautiful day – the air was cool and crisp, the sun was shining in the most spectacular way – so The Man (formerly “Winky Dinner Guest”) and I decided to leave my paper daisies at home and take advantage of late summer/early fall in New England.

We hopped in the car and headed for the shore. 

On our way we stopped off at Lyman Orchards for some Corn Maze fun.  We navigated our way in and outta that maze in record time.  My map reading skills and The Man’s knowledge of U.S. History (trivia questions posted throughout the maze help you stay on the right track) made us the perfect pair.  If it was a race, we would have won – and I have no qualms about shoving ten-year-olds into the corn  stalks in order to cross that finish line first. 

We celebrated our success with a trip to The Apple Barrel, Lyman Orchards’ farm shop…

I can eat a whole barrel of apples cause they are yum.

…and admired the pumpkin patch…

Pumpkins are also yum but you probably shouldn’t eat a barrel of them – that’d be a lot of pumpkin…

…before hopping back in the car and heading here:

You should go here.

After an idyllic walk along the beach and some playtime with the hermit crabs in the tide pools (yeah, sometimes I channel my inner child, gotta probelm with that?), we got ourselves some drinks…

This gin, Pimms, and cucumber martini sure did pack a punch…a punch of deliciousness, that is :).

…and a spot on the porch to admire the picture instagram-perfect ocean view…


…from various different angles…


…and listen to the Jimmy Buffet tribute band that happened to be playing on the hotel lawn that afternoon.

We kept waiting for them to start playing Margharitaville…didn’t happen.

By this time all the maze-conquering, beach-walking, band-listening, sun-soaking, and martini-drinking had made us quite peckish so we headed over to arguably the best restaurant in the state, The Place.

Gotta love the larger-than-life menu.

If you’ve never been here before, drop what you’re doing now and go (they’re open on weekends through October, so you’ve still got time this season).  I’m serious.  I don’t care if you live in Australia, hop on a plane and head on over.  You will not be disappointed.

The restaurant is BYO-everything.  If you want drinks, bring ’em (though they do have a few choices on the menu).  If you want salads or sides, bring ’em.  If you want utensils…bring ’em.  Cause pretty much th only thing The Place provides is the absolute best seafood you have ever eaten in your entire life.  Everything’s roasted on an open fire grill…

That’s our corn getting all roast-y toast-y.

which lends an almost indescribable mouth-watering, moan-inducing flavor that you just have to experience in order to appreciate.

In addition to lobstah, shrimp, steamers, various fish, and even chicken and steak, The Place offers their Roast Clam Special…

Nom, nom, nom…

…that you have to taste to believe.  It is the #1 must-get on the menu – you’ll see why once you hop in your plane, train, or automobile and “sit your rump on a stump.”  Oh, yeah, that’s The Place’s slogan by the way cause that’s what you do when you’re there.  The tables are utilitarian slabs of wood and the “chairs” are tree stumps.  The atmosphere is rustic…

…though charming…

…cause all the energy is focused on the food.  I’ve been going to The Place every summer of my life and I plan to keep that tradition alive for as long as I can.  The food is always good, the atmosphere is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, the waitstaff does not look at you funny when you request that they burn your corn-on-the-cob, and you can throw your clam shells on the “floor” cause it only adds to the charm.  I’m telling ya, The Place is most definitely the place to be.

Well, that’s it for this random post.  It was a bit disjointed, perhaps, but that’s okay.  I told you about some great places that are all worth a visit and that’s all that matters.  🙂

I’ll leave you with a tiny mote of wisdom bestowed upon me by the Magic Hat beer I had with my lobstah the other night:

This is why you Australians should be booking your tickets to fly here and eat at The Place…now.

 **You may have noticed, loyal readers, that I have also taken a break from TCT this week.  Don’t worry, though, we’ll return to regular scheduling next week…**

How have you recently enjoyed a break from work?

Do you have a favorite restaurant that you’ve been frequenting for many years?

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3 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Meg Beeney

    Hey there, Lady! I love these blog posts! You always have a way of making me smile!!! I miss you!
    Meg Beeney

  2. I’ve been going to Westbrook since I was just days old (seriously, I came home from the hospital and the next day we went to the beach) and I’ve never been to or heard of The Place! Clearly I need to fix this next summer.

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