Unavoidable Lemons

I got some depressing news at work this past Friday.  Icktastic news that I’d rather not re-hash for you all.  Essentially, though, I’ve lost a part of myself and it’s made me sad.  So very, very sad.

Normally, when confronted with a situation that I find unappealing I like to employ a method entitled “Practicing the Fine Art of Avoidance.”  It’s a spectacular coping mechanism that requires one to ignore a particular situation or problem until it resolves itself, someone else fixes it, or it simply just goes away.  Easy peasey.  It is clean, efficient, and, best of all, protects one’s fragile emotions.

However, sometimes nasty stuff is unavoidable and “Practicing the Fine Art of Avoidance” is not an option.  So, how do you cope when you have to face negativity and hardship?

TCT #8: How do you deal with the negative feelings that come along with unavoidable, nasty situations?

Aside from dealing with the problem itself – let’s face it, at some point in your life you’ve gotta be an adult – here are the various methods I employ to get me through the ick:

Tactic #1: Cry.

Yes, as mentioned above, we must be adults, but, my friends, big girls DO cry.  It’s therapeutic.  It’s a release.  There’s something very freeing and soothing about letting the tears come and getting all snotty and having your mascara run and blowing through a box of tissues in 2.2 nanoseconds.  Attractive?  No.  Professional?  No.  Necessary?  You better believe it.  At least for me.

Tactic #2: Call Mom.

After I’ve cried my eyes out – or while still in the process of – I pick up the phone and speed dial Mom.  No one else in the world has the calming effect that that woman has on me.  The planet could be imploding – a scene straight outta 2012 – and all she has to say is “It’ll be alright, Baby Girl.”  All of a sudden, the clouds part, the sun goes back to its proper place in the sky, and all is right with the world.  She’s a miracle worker.

Tactic #3: Go for a run.

The act of physical exertion goes miles – heh, heh, pardon the pun – towards alleviating an emotionally hazardous situation.  Sometimes I focus on my breathing and footfalls to distract myself from what I’m feeling and sometimes I let those feelings wash over me in waves and cry and run and cry and run and cry and breathe and run and cry, breathe, run, breathe, cry…  Inevitably, I feel better after a run particularly when faced with scenery like this:

Atmospheric, no?

Tactic #4: Go shopping.

Let’s be honest: sometimes retail therapy is a must.  I sometimes try to avoid this route, but, when practiced with mindfulness and a bit of restraint, it can work wonders.

Friday’s haul.

Tactic #5: Redecorate.

Whether it be of the everyday variety…

New artwork in the living room.

…the comforting variety…

Who doesn’t love new bedding?

…or of the holiday sort…

Happy Halloween!

…a change of my surroundings is, occasionally, just what the doctor ordered.

So, darlings, what do you do when you cannot avoid the lemons that life throws at you?  How do you cope with unpleasant feelings?

What are your two cents?

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