Run Happy?

Why yes, I will.  Why?  Because I lucked out last night, my friends.

All day at work I had been looking forward to quittin’ time when I could hop in my vehicle and haul tushie over to Fleet Feet to pick up a new pair of running shoes.  I noticed that my joints and feet took a pounding on my long run last week – I woke up the next morning more/differently sore than usual – so even though I had just gotten shoes in June, I was overdue for a new pair.  Seemed kinda soon to me but those babies were shot.

Anywho, when I arrived at the shop, old shoes in hand (to donate, of course, cause the last thing I need lying around my small-ish apartment is a stinky old pair of running shoes…and it’s for a good cause) I was greeted by a sea of runners decked out in flourescent clothing.  What, pray tell, was this?

Turns out I had happened by the store during the “Switch on Your Run – Brooks Fashion Show, Contest, and Run.” What?!?!?!?  Oh, yeah, baby!

You see, Brooks is my brand.  I have some screwed up foot issues that in turn affect my knees and hips and can sometimes make running a bit tricky for this chickie.  Brooks Ravenna are the only shoes that correct this issue which allows me to hoof it for 15-20 miles at a time.

If not for Brooks, I wouldn’t be able to be the runner I am.  Yeah, I owe ’em a lot.

After slingin’ my old Ravennas into the donation box and gettin’ fitted for my new pair (I don’t know why I even bother with a fitting anymore – Brooks Ravenna, size 9.5, please), I walked on over to the Brooks demo table to talk to the friendly rep and impress upon him my devotion to his brand.  Well, I must have been pretty convincing – or he was just sick of hearing me talk – cause half-way through my Ode to Ravennas he stopped me to ask, “Hey, have you gotten one of these?”  “One of these” was a neon green dry-wick shirt that everyone who showed up for the aforementioned “Switch on Your Run” received for participation. 

I love neon.

Well, friends, it took all my willpower not to jump across the table and give this man a great big smooch!  I hadn’t made it in time for the event – all the runners left while I was tryin’ on my new shoes – but he still gifted me the shirt!  The only thing I love more than free schwag is free neon green schwag :).

Folks, things just got better after that.  Every Brooks item in the store was 20% off.  Yes.  I do not lie…but I did buy…this:

My love of neon is such that it is no surprise my formative years occurred during the 80s.

Yay for new running gear!!!  I was so excited to try all this stuff out that I headed directly home, laced up my new shoes…

Nothing makes a run feel easier than new kicks.

…pulled on my new shirt…

AH!!! Hurts my eyes!!! But, hey, I’m visible.

…and headed out for a quick – not to mention safe (who could miss me in that shirt?) – run.

When I got home, I had a mini fashion shoot…

Always so happy after a run.

…to nerdily document…

I heart thumb holes.

…my hot, new gear.

Pockets are da bomb. Diggity.

So, thank you Brooks rep whose name I don’t know!  And thank you Fleet Feet for catering to all of my running gear needs!

Do you have a favorite brand of shoes and/or athletic clothing?

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4 thoughts on “Run Happy?

  1. ooh I would start running if it meant cute clothes like that! (well not really. Not yet, anyway) My ellipticalling gear is very dull, grey cropped pants and my CT Wine Festival t shirt for tonight.
    Also, I want to see a better photo of your nails! They look very fun and cute in the blurry shot.

    • Aren’t the nails awesome?!?! They’re those Sally Hansen stick on thingies in a skull and crossbone pattern. Super easy to apply and last forever – I put them on the weekend before Halloween and while they’re chipping a bit, they’re still going strong. 🙂

  2. Nice! Schwag rocks!

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