The Bright Side of Injured Reserve

I’m beginning to think my body hates me.

Somewhere along the course of my marathon paced long run on Saturday, my left calf/ankle decided it was just done. The “we’re-not-gonna-let-you-finish-this-run” kinda D-O-N-E done. No acute event brought this on – I didn’t step in a hole or roll my ankle. No, this incident was seemingly out-of-the-blue, precursed only by three days or so of mild calf tightness.

The verdict is still out on what exactly is going on but I’m out for a week or so…at least. PT appointments and biking (thank Sweet Baby Jesus that biking feels okay) shall be de rigueur.

on the bike

I’m on a boat bike…

So, I’m back on Injured Reserve. After almost two months of solid training and promising workouts, my body decided to rebel and force some rest. In my old age, I’m getting better at appreciating the fact that injury – current or impending – is my body’s way of telling me that it’s been neglected in some way, shape, or form. I’ve got to address an overuse issue, be mindful of staying on top of my PT exercises, clue in to a hitch in my gait, etc, etc. Far from the end of the world, injury is an excuse to get stronger, train smarter, to learn, and to grow. Of course, this doesn’t mean I WANT to be injured but approaching it positively makes it that much more bearable.

Not only that, but being forced to the sidelines this time around awarded me a few awesome experiences yesterday. I had originally intended to run the Amica Iron Horse 5k with Mom, which would have been awesome. Instead, something even more awesome happened: I was able to return a favor she has extended my way countless times over the past few years – I cheered for her. I saw her truckin’ towards that finish line and screamed my head off as she completed her second 5k (ever!) with a PR of over 30 seconds.

I was also able to serve as our McKirdy Trained team’s official photographer, capturing so many happy faces and phenomenal performances.

Not least, This Guy’s course PR.


I am shamelessly biased…

Were it not for Injured Reserved, I would have missed all of this. #truestory

Point is, in any situation, there is ALWAYS a positive. Something good to focus our attention on, some useful lesson, some beautiful sight we would not otherwise have seen. The bright side can occasionally be difficult to find…but it’s there, just waiting for discovery. And…wow…once you get good at finding it, my friends, it has the potential to change your life.

jesse owens

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