Run with me…

I’m a 30-something gal who runs, bakes, entertains, and has been known to get her craft on every once in a while. I love to travel and would do more of it if money grew on trees – instead, I dream a lot about the places I’d like to see. I’m super close with my family and fiercely loyal to those I love but I also require copious amounts of “alone time.” I’m a proponent of the adage “everything comes full circle” and a huge believer in the healing power of time. Lastly, I am terrified of thunderstorms.

Though I have a bunch of different interests it’s really running that’s my thang. My love affair with the sport started way back in college. It was a sunny day in late August, the first day of classes for the Fall Semester of my senior year, and I was in a funk. An I-just-want-to-lay-on-the-couch-and-watch-crap-TV-and-eat-junk-food kind of funk. My friend and house-mate, Jessica, came home from her classes and found me sprawled on said couch, my eyes glued to The Bachelor (or some equally mind-numbing reality show) with a half-eaten bag of Chex Mix clutched to my chest. She quickly (and quite shrewdly) assessed the scene. This is the conversation that followed:

Jessica: “What’s your problem?”

Me: “I’m in a funk.”

Jessica: “Well, get your a** off the couch and go for a run.”

Me: “Alright, you bit**, I will!”

And I did. And I have been ever since.

I never properly thanked Jessica for that little pep talk but I owe my entire running career to her. I know I shouldn’t discount my own motivation nor my inimitable coach, but I never would have taken that first step if she hadn’t pissed me off that fateful day. I had spent the first 21 years of my life as a non-athlete. Sure, I danced for the majority of my childhood and dabbled in riding and yoga but I generally tried to avoid rigorous physical activity at all costs.  In fact, my dad (a former athlete who still holds the record for shot put at the Lindy J. Remigino Indoor Track and Field Invitational) had tried for years to get me to follow in his footsteps and at least give track a try but I always (not so politely) declined. There was something about my and Jessica’s exchange, however, that inspired me and got me on the track to becoming a runner.

In the thirteen years since, running has been a constant. As much as other things have changed, running has remained a consistent part of my life. My mileage has vacillated from lows of 10 miles/week to highs of 90 miles/week. I started training for performance about two years ago and have discovered a love for running distances I never thought possible – if the 5k is my bane, 50 miles is my sweet spot. I am the current national runner up in the USATF 50 Mile Road Championships and I’m looking to break 3 hours in the marathon this Fall. To top it all off, running has recently, quite literally, become my job. As a coach for McKirdy Trained, I help people achieve their goals every day and it is the most inspiring work I have ever done. I cannot imagine a life without running. It is at once all-consuming and a non-issue – sort of like breathing. It is an integral part of my being – I eat it, I sleep it, I live The Run.

Therefore, just as running is the backdrop to my life, so it will be to my blog. So, as I do most every day, I’m just gonna run with it…


4 thoughts on “Run with me…

  1. DAD

    Don’t forget to work the upper part of body for lung capacity and arm strength!!! DAD

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Dad 🙂

  3. I love what you have going on over here, pretty cool! I sincerely wish you the best, take care and please be well!!!

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