Two Cents Tuesday: Are you a Monica or a Phoebe?

I’ve never been a fan of that late 90’s TV phenomenon known as Friends but I couldn’t seem to get two of its annoying beloved characters out of my brain as I sat down to write this post.

Gotta love awkward TV stills.

You see, today’s TCT has to do with “planners” and “wingers” – and, for the life of me, I couldn’t think of two better representations of those personalities than the gals pictured above.  **If you can think of better ones, please let me know cause I don’t particularly care for the whole Friends reference.**

TCT #4: Is it better to have a set weekly exercise schedule or to switch it up daily and just go with the flow?

As you all know by now, I am a creature of habit.  Organization, planning, and order make me happy.  I can’t help it.  Blame my mother – I get it from her. 

She is wonderful, by the way. We do cool stuff like climb mountains together.

So, it should come as no surprise that I have a pretty definitive weekly agenda when it comes to fitness:

Monday: Run 4-5 miles

I always feel best after a run. Look, I’m literally shimmering with happiness.

Tuesday: Run 4-5 miles

Maybe not the prettiest, but definitely the most used shoes in my closet.

Wednesday: Walk 3-4 miles with that lovely mom pictured above.

Thursday: Cindy

Don’t hate. Cindy’s got it goin’ on…and she will kick your a**.

Friday: Run 10-12 miles and spend a little time on my arms and my core while watching OnDemand.

This has been my show choice of late. Please don’t judge me.

Saturday: Run 3-4 miles and/or walk 3-4 miles with my lovely mom.

Sunday: Run 4-5 miles (if I didn’t on Saturday) and/or get in 1 hour of pool time. 

Water aerobics is not just for geriatrics.

Finally, Work Wife and I get in our daily 1 mile lunch-time walk and 5-minute plank.

Smokers get smoke breaks. Athletes get plank breaks.

I like my exercise schedule.  It keeps me active.  It’s got variety.  And it allows for a bit of wiggle room. 


Come on, you knew there had to be a “but” somewhere in there.

Because I have such a set schedule sometimes I feel unfulfilled if I don’t stick to it.  For instance, if I miss a run on a Monday or Tuesday, that day seems incomplete – like I didn’t check everything off of my to-do list or something – and I end up feeling “off.”

I don’t like the fact that missing a work-out has the potential to ruin my day – makes me seem too obsessive.  So, sometimes I’ll force myself to “wing it” and just exercise according to what mood I’m in on a particular day.  However, if I do that too often I find that I slack off too much and my work-outs are not as frequent, as long, or as intense as they are when I stick to my schedule.

As with anything in life, I suppose it’s most important to find balance in terms of exercise.  As long as you can maintain a healthy lifestyle, I suppose it doesn’t much matter whether you are a “planner” or a “winger” – you’ve just gotta do what works for you. 

In that case, I’m stickin’ with my “planner” tendencies.  Sometimes I may get down if I miss a run but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just ensures that I’ll keep exercise a part of my daily life – having a schedule to rely on just makes it all the more easy to do so.  I mean really, why should I try to force a Phoebe when I’m much more comfortable being a Monica?  🙂

Your turn: When it comes to exercise, are you a Monica or a Phoebe?

What are your two cents?

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