The Bright Side of Injured Reserve

I’m beginning to think my body hates me.

Somewhere along the course of my marathon paced long run on Saturday, my left calf/ankle decided it was just done. The “we’re-not-gonna-let-you-finish-this-run” kinda D-O-N-E done. No acute event brought this on – I didn’t step in a hole or roll my ankle. No, this incident was seemingly out-of-the-blue, precursed only by three days or so of mild calf tightness.

The verdict is still out on what exactly is going on but I’m out for a week or so…at least. PT appointments and biking (thank Sweet Baby Jesus that biking feels okay) shall be de rigueur.

on the bike

I’m on a boat bike…

So, I’m back on Injured Reserve. After almost two months of solid training and promising workouts, my body decided to rebel and force some rest. In my old age, I’m getting better at appreciating the fact that injury – current or impending – is my body’s way of telling me that it’s been neglected in some way, shape, or form. I’ve got to address an overuse issue, be mindful of staying on top of my PT exercises, clue in to a hitch in my gait, etc, etc. Far from the end of the world, injury is an excuse to get stronger, train smarter, to learn, and to grow. Of course, this doesn’t mean I WANT to be injured but approaching it positively makes it that much more bearable.

Not only that, but being forced to the sidelines this time around awarded me a few awesome experiences yesterday. I had originally intended to run the Amica Iron Horse 5k with Mom, which would have been awesome. Instead, something even more awesome happened: I was able to return a favor she has extended my way countless times over the past few years – I cheered for her. I saw her truckin’ towards that finish line and screamed my head off as she completed her second 5k (ever!) with a PR of over 30 seconds.

I was also able to serve as our McKirdy Trained team’s official photographer, capturing so many happy faces and phenomenal performances.

Not least, This Guy’s course PR.


I am shamelessly biased…

Were it not for Injured Reserved, I would have missed all of this. #truestory

Point is, in any situation, there is ALWAYS a positive. Something good to focus our attention on, some useful lesson, some beautiful sight we would not otherwise have seen. The bright side can occasionally be difficult to find…but it’s there, just waiting for discovery. And…wow…once you get good at finding it, my friends, it has the potential to change your life.

jesse owens

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There’s this thing about training.

Having a goal, working towards it, and (hopefully) realizing it is one of the most rewarding things for an athlete. Of course, a focus on improvement and growth requires an attention to details. For us runners, these details are times and paces and distances and the minutia of covering said distances in particular times to practice particular paces. Even for distance runners, seconds mean a lot.


Being aware of these stats is necessary but it can also make us lose sight of the larger picture. This thing about training? The very details that help us to become better athletes can also get in our heads and be detrimental to improvement.

This is something I struggle with…a lot. Years of battling perfectionist tendencies mean that if I don’t hit the numbers I’m “supposed” to, I feel like a failure. Folks, failure is a strong word…and it’s a stronger feeling. Take my word for it, it is not a pleasant sensation.

Rationally, I know this isn’t the way to approach less than stellar workouts and races. There is almost always a reason for missed times – sickness, not enough sleep, allergies, not enough of the right fuel, weather, an “off” day, etc, etc – that has nothing to do with one’s true ability. Furthermore, there is always something positive in every. single. run. Even “bad” runs can teach us something good. Managing expectations, handling defeat, practicing humility – these are all valuable lessons to learn. This is something I tell my athletes all the time. I preach it…but I still struggle to practice it.

I am not perfect. I am a work in progress.

As I’ve grown as a runner, I’ve become better at identifying the good and constructive parts of my own rough workouts. However, I’m not proud to admit that I still tend to have an initial reaction (meltdown might be a better word for it) that my poor coach gets the honor of hearing. Just this morning, a text not worthy for public consumption was sent his way…bless his heart. Poor guy…


But, I digress…

Point is, five minutes after sending that text, I had already hopped on the Positivity Train. I was able to ascertain a couple of reasons why my times were off this morning and that made me feel better. Evaluating reasons, stepping back and seeing my workout as simply that – a workout – and not an indicator of my worth as a runner, put the past hour-and-a-half into perspective and dampened any residual disappointment. I stepped away from the details and put this morning’s intervals in their proper place – ONE workout amongst the MANY that will get me to my goal. A literal drop of sweat (or a few hundred drops – I sweat like a pig) in the bucket.

On the road to greatness, we are all works in progress. We are all imperfect. BUT. That doesn’t mean that we can’t be great. Great athletes are not those that never fail. Great athletes are those that don’t let failure get the best of them. One workout, one long run, one race…in the grand scheme of things, each of those things doesn’t equate to much.

Putting our disappointments into perspective. Considering the larger picture and finding the positive in every run. That, my friends, is the key to success.


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The ONE Thing That Motivates Me

I run. It’s just what I do. There are myriad reasons why I decide to squash my chest into a sports bra (sorry, par for the course for us lady runners), pull on sometimes constrictive spandex clothing, and tie on a pair of running shoes nearly every single day. I run for fitness, I run to conquer distances, I run to feel the pavement under my feet, I run to chase that next PR, I run to think, I run to breathe, I run to sweat, I run to feel, I run because I am in love with the sport, I run because I can. The reasons don’t end with this list…in fact, my “whys” for running are infinite. Every day brings a new justification, a new explanation.

Reasons, though, are different than motivation. Reasons simply justify my behavior. Motivation, on the other hand, gets my tush in motion on days when I’m just not feelin’ it.


**Shock** **Awe***

Yes, folks, as much as I love The Run, there are days when I’m just not feelin’ it. Days when I need that little extra push to get out the door and put foot to pavement. Days when I want to quit a speed session halfway through because I’m not hitting my times or I’m feeling like hammered dog poop.

It’s these days that the “whys” won’t cut it. Nope. These occasions call for the big guns. I need to be provoked, I need a driving force, an impetus to action  -and you know what that is? Do you know what one thing motivates me? What inspires me more than anything?


You, my friends. You, my runners. You, my fellow athletes, my comrades in running shoes. Nothing quite stokes my fire like YOU do.

The running community at large, competitors I’ve met at races, like-minded souls I follow on social media, runner friends, and those I coach. ALL of YOU have inspired me at one point or another. I remember the story of an acquaintance who ran her way through breast cancer, the instance of a talented runner who gave me a run for my money in the last 5 miles of a 50 mile race, the occasion when a client of mine shaved two minutes…and then two more minutes off her 5k time in three months, the wonder of my mother picking up running for the first time at 63-years-old and discovering passion for an activity she thought she was incapable of.

I recall these things and I am invigorated, I am reminded that running is the most spectacular gift and should never be sacrificed.*

So, my dears, when you’re feeling less than inspired, when your couch looks like Shangri-la, when you’re three reps into 8 x 200 and you feel like calling it quits, remember this…


You never know. It may be ME.

*Brownie points if you know which iconic runner I’m referencing! 

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Choosing to Smile

As many of you are aware, the last week and a half at work have been pretty tough.  Sudden changes and lots of upheaval have caused much sadness, stress, frustration, and feelings of being overwhelmed.  I’ve basically been feeling “magenta.”

500 points if you get my reference. I just gave you a really big hint…

Despite the ickiness, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of dealing with things.  However, this past Sunday, while enjoying our weekly swim, my mom, oh so kindly, informed me otherwise:

“Yeah, so I know you’ve been kinda down lately but you gotta snap out of it.  I was reading your blog posts from last week and I could totally notice that you weren’t yourself.  Your attitude is affecting your writing.  Those posts just weren’t your best work.”

Um…thanks?  You gotta hand it to the woman, at least she’s honest with me.

But ya know what?  I’m not all that surprised.  One of my character flaws traits is that I tend to wear my emotions on my face – joy, excitement, embarrassment, sadness, anger…chagrin – it’s all right there in my eyes, the set of my mouth, the tilt of my head.  Can’t hide it.  So, I suppose it would follow that my emotions can be, literally, read in my writing as well.

Now, not to toot my own horn, but I’m a fairly adequate wordsmith.  To know that a skill I pride myself on is being adversely affected by my mood?  I’m not okay with that.

Mom’s right, I’ve gotta snap out of it.

While we can’t necessarily help what we feel – we’re sentient beings, we’re gonna get mad/be happy/freak out every once in a while – we have complete control over the face we present to the world.  Our attitude is our choice.

Heh, heh…  For those of you who know me in real life, you’ll chuckle at the hypocrisy of my above statement.

I’ve worked for years to try to better mask the physical representation of my inner self.  To be fair, in some cases wearing my heart on my sleeve is a good thing.  For instance, my family and friends…and co-workers and complete strangers…always know where they stand with me.  But, for the most part – in the office or during a poker game – it’d be better to conceal my colorful anima.

Now that I’ve been informed of the effect it has on my writing, you better believe I’m’a amp up my efforts.

Rather than play a game of “Let’s Hide What We Really Feel” – cause, hello, that’s just being fake – I shall try to literally turn my frown upside down.  There have been studies that show the simple, physical act of smiling can actually boost one’s mood.  If we pretend to feel a certain way, we may actually come to feel that way for reals.  It’s like the adult version of playing pretend.  Cool.  🙂

Ya know, I think it works.  I’m sitting here now smiling just cause I’m writing about smiling and I’m actually feelin’ pretty good.  I don’t know if “happy” is the word for it but I’m definitely feeling more pleasant than I have for a while.  I’m gonna walk around the office today with a grin on my face in the hopes that it leads to a more positive outlook cause:

Was that a better post, Mom?

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I’ve Fallen…

…into such a habit…

…that, even though Jenn and many other WIAW followers have moved on, I’m still stuck in the above series.

**My lateness to the new WIAW party might also have something to do with my recent absence from the blog world.  I apologize profusely, my darlings.  Life has gotten in the way the last couple of weeks but I am now officially back in the game blog!  Careful there, don’t fall all over yourselves with excitement.  I mean, I know it’s hard to rein in your joy at my return but we wouldn’t want you spilling your morning coffee all over the keyboard now, would we? :)**

Anywho, the aforementioned habit in question?  Cottage Cheese.

A small selection of the various brands that have been inhabiting my refrigerator shelves of late.

I blew through the tub of Cabot this past Friday – a little too watery and salty for my tastes but that didn’t stop me from eating the entire container in one sitting.  The Breakstone’s served as my Sunday night dinner and the container of Friendship was consumed over the course of two days – Monday and Tuesday nights’ dessert.  48 oz. of cottage cheese in four days.  That’s a lot of cottage cheese.

I’ve tried in vain to curb my enthusiasm…


…for this delectable edible but it’s just not happening.  Even if I limit myself to purchasing just one tub on my weekly grocery run, chances are I’ll be making an atypical mid-week trip to the store for another 16 oz. of dairy delight.

This is not the first time I’ve had an obsession with a particular food.  I periodically go on these food jags where I am consumed by – or, more accurately, I consume – a certain food for an extended period of time.  These jags are not your everyday, run-of-the-mill binges.  They’re not a case of an “oh-my-god-I-cannot-stop-eating-this-bag-of-Chex-Mix-someone-please-take-it-away-from-me-or-it’ll-be-gone-in-zero-point-two-seconds-oops-too-late-I-already-ate-the-whole-thing-but-I-won’t-want-Chex-Mix-now-for-another-few-months” situation.  No, my jags last for weeks, if not months, people.  During this time, I simply cannot get enough of whatever food I happen to be obsessed with.  Roasted vegetables (no specific veggies or roasting method – just roasted veg in general), mangoes, roasted and salted mixed nuts, raisins – they’ve all been the subject of one of my jags.

Granted, most of my jags center on a somewhat healthy food – it’s not like I’m having a gustatory love affair with Craz-E Burgers – but too much of a good thing is still too much, right?  Probably.

Whelp, I will work valiantly to break myself of this cottage cheese habit but if I’m successful it’ll probably only mean that I’m on a new jag.  The ends of my jags are of biblical proportions in that the raisin jag begat the mixed nut jag begat the roasted vegetable jag begat the mango jag begat the cottage cheese jag.  If it’s not one fruit it’s a nut butter…but at least it’s not (and, hopefully, won’t ever be) a double bacon cheeseburger between two Krispy Kreme donuts.

Have you ever been on a food jag?

If so, how did you break yourself of the habit? – Come on, I need ideas, people!

What did you eat Wednesday?

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I did it! I did it!

My darlings, I feel that I deserve a pat on the back. 

If you read last week’s WIAW post, you’ll know that I am on a personal journey to rid my diet of excess sugar.  Well, I’ve gotta say that this past week hasn’t been nearly as difficult as I anticipated.  I can do this.


Monday, The Man and I went to The Big E.  In the days leading up to this adventure, I prepared myself for the certainty of failure.  I was certain my “No Sugar” mantra would die an extremely rapid and merciless death once I spied the bags of cotton candy the size of my body, make-your-own slushy stations, and barrels (yes, literally barrels – big ol’ barrels) of rot-your-teeth candy. 

Here’s the shocker: I.  Didn’t.  Cave.

What?  Yup.  Aside from the 5-ton bag of Kettle Corn that I (with little help from The Man) consummed in the span of time it takes a cheetah to run down a gazelle, I resisted temptation.

Now, this isn’t to say that I ate healthy that day – of course I didn’t, I was at the sixth largest agricultural fair in the U.S. – but at least what I did consumme wasn’t dusted with my own personal version of PCP.

So, here we go!  What I Ate Wednesday At The Big E!  **I will still use the “Fall into good habits” version of the WIAW logo cause of my above mentioned success**

Monday marked my first trip to The Big E since I was about 10-years-old and I had no idea what to expect.  I knew it’d be fun, I knew I’d eat a lot of yummy things, and I knew there were rides but other than that, I had no clue.  To say that I was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement.  This fair is the best thing since nut butter!

The Man had just been the week before so he already had a few items on his wish list, one of which was the stand that sells fried cheese curds.

Straight from WI?

The curds come battered and deep-fried with a side of marinara and aren’t half bad.  Not my favorite fried food of all time (and I gotta say I prefer my curds fresh so I get that satisfying squeak when I bite ’em) but worth a try.  They were sorta reminiscent of fried mozerella sticks – the curds are by-products of making cheddar cheese but they have a milder flavor than cheddar, hence the mozerella-y-ness – but with better, lighter breading.

Before diving into our next (and best) fair food, we stopped by the agricultural house were we saw some big a** pumpkins…

We dubbed this one “Jabba.”

…that sorta had the same characteristics as a morbidly obese human.

This one has gan-“green.”

Some beer was in order (to erase the image of fat, anthropomorphic pumpkins from my brain) so we headed over to the Shock Top booth were The Man got the Belgian White and I got the Raspberry Wheat.

The orange slices are a must have.

I like this beer, which means something coming from my wine-accostomed palate.  It’s super light and refreshing and just slightly fruity – it was the perfect beverage to pair with the best treat of the day…

Not to be confused with an Egg McMuffin.

…an Arepa!  I’ve never had one of these before but I hope the one we shared Monday will not be my last.  This cheesy, corn-cake concoction was to die for!

This arepa was not long for this world. We scarfed it.

The corn cakes were lightly crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside.  The cheese inside was perfectly melty and warm and it’s saltiness was the perfect balance to the sweet, corn-tasticness of the cakes.

Look at that cheesy goodness. Oh, man.

This nearly blew my mind.  Words cannot describe the deliciousness.  You must try one at least once in your life.

We filled time between snacks with shopping (loads of vendors – crafts, hot tubs, blenders, mattresses, you name it…), people-watching, rides down the Big Yellow Slide, posing for embarassing photos, and cow-cuddling…

These girls were super nice. That cow I’m petting belonged to the one on the left.

…that seriously made my day…

The girl is smiling but her eyes say “You be careful how you cuddle my cow…”

…cause who doesn’t love to cuddle a cow?

Yeah, I was excited.

All that cuddling made me thirsty – hey it was a pretty intense roll-in-hay 😉 – so we headed over to the Hofbrau booth to get a pint of Dunkel.

Handsome beer in a plastic cup.

A little dark for me but tasty in small doses – it was also the perfect match for the corned beef, saurkraut, and cheese fritters that we got at the same stand.

Our next, and I have to say most surprising, stop of the day was at the Wine & Cheese Shop.  Who woulda thought that The Big E would put on a pretty good wine tasting?  We sampled the delighful Cayuga White and Red Hen Red from Mineral Hills Winery

Bottle of red…bottle of white…

…as well as the pleasingly sweet and uniquely cloudy (due to the high concentration of concord grapes) Sand Castle from Zoll Cellars.

Love the summer-y labels.

To cap off the day we decided to get a platter of fried veggies that The Man had tried, and thoroughly enjoyed, the week before.  In retrospect we should probably have skipped this part.  Things started well, we ordered our platter from the kind veggie-daddy and waited with anticipation for the battered and fried congregation of cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, onions, and mushrooms.  After a few moments, our veggies were ready and we retired with them to the back of the truck where the kind veggie-people had set up a few tables.  Thank goodness we were hidden from the main thoroughfare by an enormous food truck because what transpired next was not pretty.

The Man kindly warned me that the veggies were pipin’ hot but in my zeal I just couldn’t wait.  I chose a zucchini to start and found it to be warm but not unbearably hot – it’s thinness aided in it cooling faster than some of the other veggie choices.  Relishing the delicious success of my zucchini experience, I opted next for a mushroom.  Folks, I love mushrooms, so I popped that whole thing right in my mouth.  Well, it was hot.  Hotter than hot.  It had not cooled yet to zucchini temperatures, probably due to its increased volume. 

Rather than remove it from my mouth until it was more palatable, I tried to employ the “wave-my-hand-in-front-of-my-mouth-while-making-an-“O”-shape-with-my-lips” cooling technique…with disappointing results.  It was around this time that The Man got up from our table to go get some more ketchup…from around the corner…out of eye-sight.  Thank goodness for small blessings because it was then that I, very unattractively, started to choke.  Legit choke.  This was for reals.  I almost needed the Heimlich.  A small Asian man at the next table took a moment to glance up from his platter and calmy ask “You okay?”  I proceeded to make some uncomfortable inhaling noises in response, which he must have took to mean I was fine cause he went right back to devoting his attention to his half-finished platter of veggies.  This was fine, however, because it was not long after when I coughed up and spit out the offending mushroom, had a few sips of beer, and commenced laughing hysterically at my ordeal – all in perfect timing for The Man’s return.

Needless to say, the veggies did not get a photo.  They are not deserving.  They are not my friends.

And that,my dears, is What I Ate and Drank at The Big E: refreshing beers, delicious curds and fritters, a heavenly arepa, unexpected wines, and a mushroom that almost killed me.  Oh yeah, and that bag of kettle corn…but my time spent with that treat is a relationship better left undiscussed.  🙂

What are your favorite fair foods?

Have you ever choked in public…or in the privacy of your own home?

What did you eat Wednesday?

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Taking a Break

I’m sorry, my darling readers, it’s been ages (well, at least it seems like ages) since my last post.  I’ve been spending a lot of time here…

Messy desk = creative mind?

…and here…

My second job – I moonlight as a crafter of fine paper products.

…and blogging has had to take a temporary back seat. 

This past Sunday, though, I was sick and tired of all forms of work and I needed a break.  It was a beautiful day – the air was cool and crisp, the sun was shining in the most spectacular way – so The Man (formerly “Winky Dinner Guest”) and I decided to leave my paper daisies at home and take advantage of late summer/early fall in New England.

We hopped in the car and headed for the shore. 

On our way we stopped off at Lyman Orchards for some Corn Maze fun.  We navigated our way in and outta that maze in record time.  My map reading skills and The Man’s knowledge of U.S. History (trivia questions posted throughout the maze help you stay on the right track) made us the perfect pair.  If it was a race, we would have won – and I have no qualms about shoving ten-year-olds into the corn  stalks in order to cross that finish line first. 

We celebrated our success with a trip to The Apple Barrel, Lyman Orchards’ farm shop…

I can eat a whole barrel of apples cause they are yum.

…and admired the pumpkin patch…

Pumpkins are also yum but you probably shouldn’t eat a barrel of them – that’d be a lot of pumpkin…

…before hopping back in the car and heading here:

You should go here.

After an idyllic walk along the beach and some playtime with the hermit crabs in the tide pools (yeah, sometimes I channel my inner child, gotta probelm with that?), we got ourselves some drinks…

This gin, Pimms, and cucumber martini sure did pack a punch…a punch of deliciousness, that is :).

…and a spot on the porch to admire the picture instagram-perfect ocean view…


…from various different angles…


…and listen to the Jimmy Buffet tribute band that happened to be playing on the hotel lawn that afternoon.

We kept waiting for them to start playing Margharitaville…didn’t happen.

By this time all the maze-conquering, beach-walking, band-listening, sun-soaking, and martini-drinking had made us quite peckish so we headed over to arguably the best restaurant in the state, The Place.

Gotta love the larger-than-life menu.

If you’ve never been here before, drop what you’re doing now and go (they’re open on weekends through October, so you’ve still got time this season).  I’m serious.  I don’t care if you live in Australia, hop on a plane and head on over.  You will not be disappointed.

The restaurant is BYO-everything.  If you want drinks, bring ’em (though they do have a few choices on the menu).  If you want salads or sides, bring ’em.  If you want utensils…bring ’em.  Cause pretty much th only thing The Place provides is the absolute best seafood you have ever eaten in your entire life.  Everything’s roasted on an open fire grill…

That’s our corn getting all roast-y toast-y.

which lends an almost indescribable mouth-watering, moan-inducing flavor that you just have to experience in order to appreciate.

In addition to lobstah, shrimp, steamers, various fish, and even chicken and steak, The Place offers their Roast Clam Special…

Nom, nom, nom…

…that you have to taste to believe.  It is the #1 must-get on the menu – you’ll see why once you hop in your plane, train, or automobile and “sit your rump on a stump.”  Oh, yeah, that’s The Place’s slogan by the way cause that’s what you do when you’re there.  The tables are utilitarian slabs of wood and the “chairs” are tree stumps.  The atmosphere is rustic…

…though charming…

…cause all the energy is focused on the food.  I’ve been going to The Place every summer of my life and I plan to keep that tradition alive for as long as I can.  The food is always good, the atmosphere is like nothing you’ve ever experienced, the waitstaff does not look at you funny when you request that they burn your corn-on-the-cob, and you can throw your clam shells on the “floor” cause it only adds to the charm.  I’m telling ya, The Place is most definitely the place to be.

Well, that’s it for this random post.  It was a bit disjointed, perhaps, but that’s okay.  I told you about some great places that are all worth a visit and that’s all that matters.  🙂

I’ll leave you with a tiny mote of wisdom bestowed upon me by the Magic Hat beer I had with my lobstah the other night:

This is why you Australians should be booking your tickets to fly here and eat at The Place…now.

 **You may have noticed, loyal readers, that I have also taken a break from TCT this week.  Don’t worry, though, we’ll return to regular scheduling next week…**

How have you recently enjoyed a break from work?

Do you have a favorite restaurant that you’ve been frequenting for many years?

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Poppin’ the Question

What question, pray tell, might that be?

“Do you prefer Margaret or ‘Satan’s Mistress?'” LOL.

Why, “What did I eat Wednesday Engagement Party?”, you sillies, that’s what ;).

Guys and gals, this party was so bangin’ that I just had to make it the topic of this weeks WIAW!  It was held in the backyard of the Bride-to-Be’s parent’s house but don’t be thinkin’ it was a backyard BBQ or anything like that.  No, the best way to describe this shin-dig is “Just so.”  The attention to detail was superb and the food was delicious.  It was apparent the amount of thought that went behind each and every component. 

From the signature pink margaritas served in lidded mason jars…

The jars were pretty but there was a whole lotta condensation going on, hence the napkins.

…with super cute twisty straws…

Actually, we stole those from the kids table. The adults had classy stripped paper straws…but, you all know me, I’m much more “twisty” than I am “classy.”

…to the awesome Taco Pacifico food truck…

Someone else’s photo cause I was a bad blogger and forgot to take one of the truck.

…that offered simply scrumptious tacos, quesadillas, and burritos…

The remnants of our pork tacos. Those babies were a revelation of mexican deliciousness.

…to the unforgettable desserts…

Tart and Tangy Lemon Squares.

…of which I remembered…

Refreshing melt-in-your-mouth Key Lime Pie Bars.

…to take lots of photos…

Super decadent Oreo Truffles.

…of course – we do all remember that sweet tooth I’ve got, right? – …

Look how rich that is – million dollar chocolate bomb.

…this party was a true celebration.  The happy couple sure has started off their personal wedding season with a bang and it seems lots more good things are to come.  🙂

“Just so.” Right?

Been to any good parties lately?

What did you eat Wednesday?

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We’ve only just begun…

Hello, everyone!

I’ve finally done it!  I’ve started a blog!  And I’m supes excited!

This is my excited face

From the title, you might assume that this blog will be all about running.  Well, ya know what they say about those who assume?  Let’s not make ninnies of ourselves.  Instead, go check out the “Run with me…” page.  I explain everything there.

I plan to write a little bit about everything but I’ll mainly focus on what I’m making, where I’m going, who I’m seeing, and when I’m running.  So, yeah, I’ve set myself no parameters cause I don’t like to be boxed in!

This is my first blogging experience so I’d appreciate advice from any bloggers out there.  I can’t promise I’ll follow it but I’ll definitely consider it.

Look for my first post this coming Monday July 30th.  I’ll be writing about what I got from my Foodie Pen Pal this month!

Until then, Blogspeed!

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